Moving Oracles (2020)

Two person touring exhibition, various locations, Berlin, 2020. Featuring works by Byzantia Harlow & Gertrūda Gilytė. Curated by Johanna Janzzen. Supported by MFA Curating Goldsmiths and Lithuanian Council for Culture. Photography by Brigita Kasperaite.

Moving Oracles is an exhibition project that physically embarks on a search for alternative models to imagine individual and collective futures. How does applying divinatory tools or borrowing techniques from positive psychology alter our perception of reality? Where does reality end and fiction begin? What becomes more meaningful, the former or the healing effect of the later? 

A quote used from ‘What Will Happen To Mankind’ (2016) with Justina Jokūbaitytė,
taked from Online fortune teller’s answer to the question about the future of all humanity.
I Am Optimistic And See Good In Other People (2020) audio installation playing from the radio of the moving van.