Let’s Go Private (2016)

with Justina Jokubaitytė

Let’s Go Private is an organic synthesis of content found on two fascinating and really popular websites: oranum.com and livejasmine.com

Both websites were founded by the same person - Gyorgy Gaiyan, wealthiest Hungarian  person in 2014.
Both websites share the same visual layout and economic model, for completely different purposes. Oranum is "biggest online spiritual community" in which you can find clarity (as website's slogan – Confused? We have clarity! claims), whil LiveJasmine provides web model services, which attracts users who are looking for satisfaction and erotic related purposes online.

Video consist of two elements:

1) Text (authentic users’ sentences from chat rooms in LiveJasmin and Oranum)
2) Audio (authentic soundtrack recorded from LiveJasmin and Oranum chat rooms).

Concept of these two pages is based on attracting users to enter private chatroom in which one can get “undivided attention’ in both of them or “specific questions answered” (Oranum), or “everything you want” (LiveJasmine). 

Title Let’s Go Private refers to the most important moment in the conception of both sites: after getting into private chat, everything changes –public becomes private, free becomes paid (credit price for one minute varies from 3 to 15 dollars per minute); abstract becomes specific, visual and moral borders disappear.